Is a town mentioned back in the pre-historic era and through its history it was impacted by being under Roman authority, as well as governed by the Venetians and the Habsburg Monarchy. The complex historic events have left behind numerous cultural sites, so that visitors to Grožnjan can see segments of the medieval city walls and the city entrance, the Spinotti baroque palace, the Fonticus city gallery, the Završje medieval town, Kostanjica, as well as numerous churches and other sacral architecture.


Grožnjan is referred to, as the ‘the town of artists’, as due to its natural beauty and picturesque scenery, it attracts visual and music artists, who create the most amazing works of art and the town is also known for its international jazz festival, as well as an international painters’ event. The whole town becomes a huge stage in summer time, where beautiful melodies are created.


The visitors to Grožnjan, apart from entertainment and various cultural events can also enjoy the local food and wine offer enabling them to taste the best wine and truffles the area has to offer.