A town the documents of  the existence of which go back as far as 3,500 years B.C. and which has clearly been impacted by the Germanic, Venetian and Austro-Hungarian rule it had been under. The traces of the mentioned styles can be seen in many cultural sites, like the city walls, the Communal palace, the New Door tower, the Gradiziol suburbs, The Josef Ressel Square, Polesini Palace, the Hospice and many other sacral buildings. The cultural heritage is further complemented by the beautiful nature which includes the Mirna River, the Motovun woods and the Parenzana narrow gauge railroad.

Nowadays, apart from the Motovun Film Festival, the town is known for other events, including the race with home-made ball baring racing contraptions, the Karić Race which is staged every August or the Festival of the Terrano Wine and Truffles, known as TeTa in the autumn. Motovun simply charms its visitors by being picturesque, culturally interesting, and boasting natural beauty coupled with a very special gastronomic and oenological offer.