Buzet is a town which had been mentioned as far back as pre-historic times and has over time been governed by the Illyrians, Romans, the Byzantines, Francia, the Venetians and Austrians and each of these eras have made an impressive cultural and architectural contribution.

Currently, the visitors to Buzet can visit many attractions like the Chapel of St.Vitus, Vela Vrata (The Large Doors), Južni Bedem (The Southern Wall), Lapidarium, Parsonage, The Bembo palace, Renaissance forts, De Vertis palace, the Venetian warehouse, Mala Vrata (Small doors) and others, while the Buzet earring is one of the most interesting souvenirs that is believed to have been designed back in the early middle ages by the Illyrian-Celtic population.

Apart from the diverse cultural heritage that includes the old town, as well as many surrounding settlements, Buzet is also known as the town of truffles, the gastronomic treasure found in the nearby Buzet woods which will delight the palate of all the visitors and for which you can go search with the help of experts. The wine road dotted with numerous superb wine cellars and their oenology offer complements the gastronomic story of the Buzet area.