Casa Gradinje holiday home surroundings

Casa Gradinje is situated at an elevated section of the Gradinje settlement, offering a beautiful picturesque view of the surroundings. Reserve your accommodation in this holiday home and visit the interesting places that offer unforgettable experiences.


Buzet is a town which had been mentioned as far back as pre-historic times and has over time been governed by the Illyrians, Romans, the Byzantines, Francia, the Venetians and Austrians and each of these eras have made an impressive cultural and architectural contribution.



A town the documents of  the existence of which go back as far as 3,500 years B.C. and which has clearly been impacted by the Germanic, Venetian and Austro-Hungarian rule it had been under. The traces of the mentioned styles can be seen in many cultural sites, like the city walls, the Communal palace, the New Door tower, the Gradiziol suburbs, The Josef Ressel Square, Polesini Palace, the Hospice and many other sacral buildings. The cultural heritage is further complemented by the beautiful nature which includes the Mirna River, the Motovun woods and the Parenzana narrow gauge railroad.



Is a town mentioned back in the pre-historic era and through its history it was impacted by being under Roman authority, as well as governed by the Venetians and the Habsburg Monarchy. The complex historic events have left behind numerous cultural sites, so that visitors to Grožnjan can see segments of the medieval city walls and the city entrance, the Spinotti baroque palace, the Fonticus city gallery, the Završje medieval town, Kostanjica, as well as numerous churches and other sacral architecture.



Parenzana used to be a 123-kilometer-long narrow gauge railway which connected Trieste and Poreč between 1902 and 1935 with different towns in the Istrian hinterland and greatly contributed to their swift economic development.


Istrian toplice spa

The Istrian Toplice spa is situated some 10 kilometres from Buzet and the beauty of the untouched nature and thermal springs with medicinal properties represent an invitation to all visitors in need of such therapy and a break from the daily grind.